An interactive public installation about birth, death and the journey in between by YARA + DAVINA.


Taking the recognisable form of a station or airport arrivals and departures board, the artwork invites the public to share the names of people who have arrived and departed as a way to celebrate a birth or commemorate a death. 


Arrivals + Departures is touring from early April 2020 and can be seen at the following locations:

3 - 26  April Somerset House, London  

2 - 11  May Brighton Festival  

14 - 24 May Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Norwich

17 – 26 July IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 

2 - 6   September Freedom Festival, Hull 


From April 2020 you can make a contribution of a name directly via this website or between specific times at each of the above locations, if you prefer via a live interaction with a steward. Every name will appear on the boards and on this website.

Integral to the artwork is a programme of events, talks and workshops inviting the public to explore a range of issues associated with commemorating new life and parenthood, acknowledging our own mortality and grieving - subjects that need to be spoken about more to help us live well. Look at each location's websites for more information. The series of events has been programmed by YARA + DAVINA in collaboration with Secular Minister and Resilience counsellor Emma Curtis

Produced by Artsadmim.

Supported by Without Walls. Co-commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust (Hull) and Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Artsadmin with support from Create To Connect > Create to Impact through the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Publicly funded through Arts Council England.

Development phase of Arrivals + Departure (2018)was supported by In Situ Network through the Creative Europe programme of European Union, Without Wall's Blueprint programme and Seedbed Residency at 101.

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