Davina and Yara are currently working with Artsadmin with the support of Without Walls to R+D Arrivals + Departures with the intention to produce the artwork in 2019/2020.


Arrivals + Departures takes the format of a traditional split flap arrivals and departures board, though instead of announcing the arrivals and departures of planes or trains it announces new births (arrivals) and commemorates lost lives (departures) of individuals.


The work is made or activated by public participation, for the public and located in a public art context. The data is received directly from the general public via smartphone technology  (text, tweet, or using an app) and is automatically published both on the real life boards and a virtual board online. Online, the data will be mapped, marking the locations of the individuals who are named. Politically the work has the potential to name many unnamed individuals, creating a global record of the data of those born and those deceased.    


Aesthetically, the work will pay homage to the nostalgic quality of split flap arrival and departure displays, both visually and aurally, while poetically teasing out the contemplation of life and death, the indirect emotive connection that runs alongside the parallel of a literal physical vs. existential journey.


While the work touches on contemporary issues of open data and privacy, there will be safeguards in place.


Please contact Davina at davinadrummond@gmail.com

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